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Zuko Is Mai's Boyfriend

he likes it when she pwns him

The Mai/Zuko Shipper Community
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As is fairly obvious from the name, you have stumbled upon the Mai/Zuko community: a place for fans of the relationship between Mai of the Fire Nation and Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation on Nickelodeon's series Avatar: The Last Airbender. It would be lovely if you joined, but in the interest of preventing anarchy there are a few simple rules:

1] Joy Only. This is a Mai/Zuko community, dedicated to celebrating the Mai/Zuko ship. So...if you don't like Mai/Zuko, don't join. Conversely, since again, this is all about celebrating Mai/Zuko, it would be pretty awesome if you didn't devote too much time to talking about how much you hate other ships. I mean, you could be spending that time ficcing or vidding or fanart-ing Mai/Zuko. Prioritize, please. This also extends to any and all instances of ranting about, bashing, gloating in the general direction of, being in any way aggressive towards, or instigating drama about other shippers. We do not hold with negativity.

2] Stay on topic. The topics would be Mai, Zuko, and Mai/Zuko. If it's not about Mai, Zuko, or Mai/Zuko, we don't care. And, honestly, considering how many other places there are to talk endlessly about every facet of Zuko's existence, if it's just about Zuko in a not-at-all-related-to-Mai way we probably a) don't care or b) already saw it when you crossposted it in one of those aforementioned many other places. Use your discretion.

3] Don't be afraid to post. Have a thought, a fic idea, an episode reaction, a fic rec, a song, a theory, a discussion topic, a challenge idea, anything? Go ahead and share it. A community is fairly useless if no one participates.

Fanwork Posting Guidelines

1] This might seem obvious, but I'll say it anyway: your fanwork must be on-topic (i.e. related to Mai, Zuko, and/or Mai/Zuko). Review rule #2 above. And while you're there review rule #1 as well. The mods reserve the right to remove any fanwork that they feel violates that rule. Hint: you will only be in danger of this action if your fanwork is obviously being used as a platform to hate on or otherwise disparage Mai/Zuko. If that's how you want to spend your time, fine. But not here, please.

2] Include a rating (G through NC-17 or K through MA) for any fic that you post. Mark fanart as not safe for work/school if it contains nudity or explicit sexuality. Also include appropriate warnings for both fic and fanart, if necessary. Rape, non-con, BDSM, incest, extreme violence, whatever. If you think there's a good chance a good portion of people might find it objectionable say so.

3] Put anything longer than 100 words behind a cut. Put any images that are large enough to distort the page layout behind a cut. Put any more than three icons behind a cut.

4] For fanvids, please list the name of the song and the performer somewhere in your post and also note which episodes the vid contains spoilers/scenes from.

5] It's fine if you post your fanwork elsewhere and just link to it here, but you still need to include the proper header information (rating, genre, and warnings).

And that's all.

Rules may be removed, added, and changed at my discretion or whim.